Last summer I traveled a lot, but it’s not that surprising since summer is the best part of the year to travel. Winter is a bit different. You can go skying or snowboarding, you can visit skating rink, but basically you have to force yourself to go anywhere, especially when the temperature outside is below -10 Celsius degree. Well, for me it looks that way. I would rather stay under my blanket with a cup of hot tea reading a good book (which can replace travelling and sightseeing). You could say that I’m a lazy person, but it’s not exactly this way. Czytaj więcej →

White winter soup

After few months of fall, winter finally came to Poland. It’s not that I’m really glad about it. When it’s cold outside (like for example today, -12° Celsius), the days are short, the sun is absent almost all the time, one can get depressed pretty easily. In such days it’s even hard for me to force myself to go running. The only thing I can think of is going back to bed, together with a cup of hot tea and a decent book. Books… I might be a bit snobbish, but I love books, I like to have them only for myself. Especially cookbooks. Czytaj więcej →

Poppy seed tartalet

Last month was somehow special. On one hand I was so busy, I almost didn’t have time for anything. On the other I spent many hours in the kitchen, first preparing food for Vegan Lunch (which I organize together with some friends in Poznań, the city I currently live in). And then it was Christmas time and again I had to sit in the kitchen baking, cooking, frying… I made many cakes with poppy seeds and I achieved my new personal record, five poppy seed strudels within a week! I used a lot of this canned poppy seed filling which spared me a lot of time (preparing your own filling would cost many additional hours).

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Christmas salad with pomegranate and cranberry

This year I was supposed to ignore Christmas and not post anything special for that occasion. I didn’t have the right mood nor free time, nor will… But there was something which made me think, namely last Vegan Lunch which I organized in Poznań together with my friends. I realized how much I love spending long hours in the kitchen preparing food for people I like, for my friends, relatives, for my loved ones. The secret of a tasty dish lies in one special ingredient which I always try to add to food I’m making. This secret ingredient is love. It’s enough to add just a pinch of it to make the dish special and unique. You should try it by yourself. Czytaj więcej →

Spinach and tofu feta cheese tart

Each year I prepare same dishes for Christmas. Sauerkraut and mushroom dumplings, beetroot soup, soy or lentil pâté, poppy seed cake, kutia (a traditional Polish dish made of wheat, poppy seeds, raisins, nuts and honey), Greek style soy steaks and few more. It’s a tradition and one should respect that. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t make anything new or outstanding, right? That’s why this year I decided to experiment a bit with a dish which has nothing to do with tradition. Czytaj więcej →


It’s time for a touch of Sweden, i.e. sweet balls made of oats and chocolate known as chokladboll. I had the pleasure to try some of those while my short stay in Sweden and to tell the truth I love them! Moreover, it turns out that this dessert is really easy to prepare and you even don’t need any refined ingredients. Czytaj więcej →



It’s been a very busy summer. Travelling all the time, seeing so many great places. I even used the opportunity to visit Sweden in the last days of summer. I went to Gothenburg. Maybe it’s not the perfect place to go to in this part of the year, fall weather instead of full sun and cloudless sky in Poland :). But soon I’m going back to work, the school year starts in a couple of days and I won’t be able to travel that much. Czytaj więcej →

Imam Baldi

I’ve got the impression that I’ve been neglecting my blog recently. Constant travelling, I just can’t spend too much time in one place. Of course I cook a lot, and I spend even more time baking, but usually it’s hard to take good pictures. This is how it is when one has great expectations concerning aesthetics. I hope you’ll forgive me that :). Czytaj więcej →