Pumpkin buns

There are a few food blogs which I follow on a regular basis. Similarly, I often check flickr for food photography and therefore I can spot all new trends and find inspiration for my own meals. For example, during last few weeks I came across a few recipes for pumpkin buns. I think that pumpkin has become very popular recently and you can find more and more dishes based on it, which makes me very happy. However, I learned how to appreciate its values only recently. Czytaj więcej →

Brussels sprouts revisited

Few weeks ago I made a list (actually three lists) of products rich in iron, calcium and magnesium. I placed those lists on my fridge cause even though I am aware of which products contain those minerals, I sometimes forget about them. I guess I don’t have to convince anybody about advantages of diverse diet. This is why I try to eat as many different fruits and vegetables as possible and now each time I’m planning a dinner or bigger shopping I check my lists and try to pick at least few of the products present there. Czytaj więcej →

Halloween Vegan Lunch

Together with a bunch of crazy girls we organize vegan lunches in Poznań, Poland. The idea is quite simple, we cook, people pay and then they can eat as much as they want. The food is always vegan and the price is fixed. We raise money for charity, usually we try to support organizations fighting for animal rights. Another goal is to inform people about veganism, to show that vegan food is delicious and doesn’t have to be boring at all. That’s why we usually try to pick a subject for example Indian cuisine or Halloween. Czytaj więcej →

Brussels sprouts, apples, nuts

Fall is here, it’s becoming colder and more gray with each day, one loses his or her energy and becomes unable to do anything. So what can you do to force yourself to do something when you feel like doing nothing? That’s a hard question. First of all you should pay attention to your diet. It’s a good idea to provide your body with all essential vitamins and minerals cause during fall we are subject to cold and other nasty diseases, at least before we adjust to lower temperatures. Luckily, there are still a lot of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables available. My favorite are Brussels sprouts and kale, but also pears, especially those sweet ones and very juicy. And of course apples which are my private top one. Czytaj więcej →

Carrot cake

I’ve been thinking about it for months. And somehow I couldn’t make a decision and just bake it. Yeah, simple carrot cake, so easy to prepare but also easy to spoil. I tried once and I failed (which doesn’t happen too often). But I don’t give up easily, if I decide to do something, sooner or later I’ll do it. It’s just the way I am. Czytaj więcej →

Berlin <3

pizza with tempeh and sweet corn

A weekend in Berlin is always a good weekend, especially when you’re vegan. I always wonder how is that possible that only 3 hours by car from the city where I currently live, there is this vegan paradise. And here, well… here is not that bad, but still we have a long way to go. Czytaj więcej →

Warsaw Relaks

If you ever come to Warsaw and you want to drink a good coffee then Relaks is just the place you’re looking for. It’s probably my favorite cafe in the capital city of Poland. A place where I feel really comfortable and where I like to come back now and then. Czytaj więcej →

Millet and spinach salad

Recently, I’ve been either baking sweets or making extra healthy things like salads, soups and spreads. Maybe it’s because the summer is almost over and I want to fully enjoy all those fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Wonderfully sweet plum tomatoes and yellow string beans straight from the garden, fresh spinach and millet groats, which I can eat all the time. Czytaj więcej →