Tofu and avocado spread

I got used to writing on my blog late at night. Maybe it’s not such a good idea, especially because some of my friends want to kill me sometimes. They try to fight their need to eat a little sandwich just before going to bed and I cruelly encourage them by showing mouth-watering dishes… Well, I now that eating before going to bed is really a BAD IDEA. But it’s the only time in my long day when I can sit down, concentrate and write something reasonable.

Another thing is writing about breakfast late at night. It’s mad. But this breakfast is really worth it. I feel spring in the air and I have enough of all those soy pate you can by in every supermarket, so I decided to experiment a bit. I saw this lovely ‘egg’ spread at my friends blog and I just couldn’t withstand temptation to try something similar.

It’s really easy to prepare and you’ll never forget its velvety taste.


  • 200g natural tofu
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 1 tbsp pumpkin seed oil
  • salt, pepper

Cut avocado in halves and using a spoon take the pulp out. Add sliced tofu and chopped garlic clove. Add salt and pepper to taste and blend everything together so you get a smooth spread. Put it into small bowl and pour with pumpkin seed oil.

Then you only need to spread it onto a slice of wholemeal bread, add some tomatoes or fresh rocket and you’ll get a delightful breakfast.

Easy, does’t it? I’m wondering why I even buy this soy pate when there are so many delicious D.I.Y. spreads to try!