Purely decadent – USA trip pt. 1

Some time ago I had a chance to spend three wonderful weeks in USA. I would like to share with you the things I saw there and, especially, the things I ate there. I’ll try to write something about my trip in few following few posts, because, believe me, there’s a lot of things to write about.

Before going to USA I was really afraid that I won’t get anything vegan there. I thought that in worst case I’ll lose some weight or I’ll go on a peanut butter diet (I was sure that I’ll find a lot of peanut butter there, Americans just love peanut butter). Of course I was really prepared, I searched the Internet looking for some vegetarian restaurants and healthy food stores. But on the other hand I’ve heard that USA is the country of fast foods, that no-one walks there and everybody has a car, and traveling using public transport can be dangerous. So you can understand my concerns.

Of course it turned out that I was wrong. I can assure you that while talking about veganism, Americans know a lot more about this topic than people in Poland. I guess you’ll agree with me.

My concerns involved also the flight. You know that after 9/11 they tightened inspections on airports and also reduced the list of things you can take with you on board. I mean mainly the liquids, but I also thought about food. I was almost sure that I’m not supposed to take any food with me so what was I going to eat on the plane? Fortunately, you can take food with you on the plane, but you can’t enter USA territory with food (while passport control they asked me twice if I have any food or alcohol with me, come on do I look so suspicious?!).

Fortunately, it turned out that I shouldn’t be concerned about food on the plane. I was really happy to hear that for long, intercontinental flights, you can usually order a special vegan meal included in the ticket price. VGML – this is the international signature for strict vegetarian meals, meaning vegan meals. You can also choose from a variety of different diets, like for example kosher food or lacto-ovo. Who would imagine that! You only need to visit checkmytrip webpage, log in using the reservation number and order a special meal. It’s really simple :).

For example, when I was flying from Munich to Charlotte with Lufthansa I got potatoes with some vegetables and tofu, really spicy and quite tasty, and then a tofu and avocado sandwich. Apart from that, you can get coffee, tea, juice, as much as you need, and even some alcohol. Next, when flying from New York to London with Continental Airlines they served rice with lentils and hot sauce, quinoa salad, sweet roll with butter and a delicious cookie, later American style breakfast with bagel and fruit salad. I’ll write something more about bagels in the following post.

This are the only pictures I took because I was to lazy to take out my camera, which was hidden somewhere in my luggage. What a shame…

I really can’t complain!

Oh, the picture in the beginning shows me eating the best ice cream in the world. Well, the best ice cream I’ve ever had. The name says everything – PURELY DECADENT, mint chocolate chip flavor. I already miss them…