Bake the Difference

It’s time to write something about Portugal. I spent there almost two weeks and I’m totally spellbound. It’s probably the climate and the sun. Nice people, interesting architecture, lots of picturesque views, mosaics, stone pavements, fruits, fruits, fruits, charming cafes and “pastelaries”, music, smiling people, handsome surfers. At first sight, you don’t even feel that this country has major economy problems. First, I’ll tell you about one place which impressed me the most – a vegan bakery/cafe Bake the Difference.

It’s a small, climatic cafe, with a really nice service, well situated, in the center of Lisbon, the exact address is Rua de Sao Jose 23. If you ever happen to be in Lisbon you must definitely go there. Menu contains not only sweets, but also coffee (of course with soy milk), fresh juices, sandwiches, soups, so it’s a good place to have lunch there. And when it comes to sweets, you can choose from a variety of different cakes, e.g. chocolate cake or carrot cake with almond flakes, few kinds of muffins, scones, cookies, empadas. It was really hard to make a decision what to order.

Finally, I’ve chosen chocolate cake:

and caffè latte with soy milk:

Unfortunately, the cake disappeared immediately :(…

We also ordered a traditional Portuguese soup called caldo verde (I’ll write more about it when I manage to prepare it).

OK, I must admit that each time I’m in such a place, I feel like a child. I would like to try everything and can’t make any decision. That’s why I always try to advertise similar vegan places, because there’s still only few of them on the Polish culinary map, or even European. I have a little dream that one day I’ll be able to open my own vegan restaurant, but I’m probably not the only vegan person who has same dreams :).

Bake the Difference is a really cool place, that’s why I decided to get some takeaways. And again I had problems what to choose. My friends tried to encourage me to take one piece of everything and I almost did it:

Fortunately, they helped me later with eating all those sweets. If I were to eat everything by myself, I would probably die of sugar overdose :). I was also very happy because my friends, who are not vegetarians or whatsoever, also enjoyed this place.

And here is a strawberry and tofu cream cheese muffin. Yummy!

Now, who doesn’t feel tempted to go there?