Manhattan – pt. 4

Before going to US i asked google for ‘New York vegan restaurants’ and on the first website I learned that there are over 80 vegan restaurants on Manhattan alone. I couldn’t believe that. How is it possible that there are so many vegan places on such a small area? Here’s another part of my US trip, this time I’m going to tell you about few interesting places on Manhattan.

I’ll start with something which is closest to my heart (or rather to my stomach) – falafel! I would probably not find this place if it wasn’t for my friend Will who knows Manhattan quite good (because he lives there) and who showed me around and took me to this nice, small, inconspicuous falafel bar. We made it just in time to avoid the long line formed in lunchtime. And the line itself was a very good sign. What do I mean by that, well people are usually impatient so they won’t spend long hours waiting for something which is not worth it. Of course I was right. I ordered a harissa falafel (there were also two other flavor options) and then my taste buds went crazy! It’s been probably one of the best falafels I’ve ever eaten, with nice hummus and fresh vegetables, dipped into yummy tahina sauce. I also tried a delicious ginger lemonade with fresh mint leaves. A perfect lunch.

If you happen to be on Manhattan you must surely go there. The bar’s name is taim and you can find it in West Village,the address is 222 Waverly Place, NY 10014. Here you can find more information about this place.

Next I’d like to tell you about Angelica Kitchen, a great vegan restaurant in East Village (address: 300 East 12th Street). Again I found this place thanks to Will’s recommendation. I fell in love with that place and if only I could I would probably become a frequent visitor. Very nice service, pleasing to the eye decor, mood music, a perfect place to go for a lunch, read a book, catch your breath.

This time I ordered a tempeh sandwich and a sunflower sprouts and beetroot salad with nice creamy vegetable dip. Of course the sandwich consisted of wholemeal bread and everything was organic. I also had a cup of kikucha. So another perfect lunch for a hot day.

Angelica Kitchen has its own professional webpage, where you can find whole menu. They also have their own cookbook titled The Angelica Home Kitchen. One day I’ll have to check it :).

I was also in a place called Quantum Leap, which was just by the place I stayed in, I only had to cross the street. It’s not a 100% vegetarian restaurant, they also serve fish and seafood, but still they have a wide range of vegan dishes. I tried a black bean burger with grilled vegetables, salad and nut and carrot dip. It was the first and also the last burger I ate during my stay in US and it definitely differed from the traditional burgers. Again wholemeal bread roll, very tasty burger and slices of green pepper. I also had a coconut tofu cheesecake, very light, fluffy, not too sweet. Here you can find more information about this place.

Manhattan has a lot more to offer. Apart from vegan restaurants and bars, there are also bakeries and small shops serving vegan treats similar to the ones above. Vegan cookies filled with custard or not, with chocolate chips, with icing, different kinds of muffins… You’ll find something vegan even in a small café in a bookstore. I really wish that one day there will be so many vegan places also in Poland. And I wish you the same :).