US trip – last part

Finally, last post about my US trip. This time few words about streets of New York.

I spent over one week in NY, so I had the chance to see the city a bit and find few interesting places. From the culinary point of view I was enthralled by Chinatown with its exotic, at least for European, attractions. In the above picture I’m trying young coconut milk. I’ve never seen it in Poland, but I heard about it (and also about coconut milk yogurts, does anybody know where can I get one???).

As you can see, fruits and vegetables stands offer a wide range of different products. I found there many things I had seen for the first time in my life :).

There were also some things that shocked me. For example the one above. Can you guess what’s that? It doesn’t smell good and it looks a bit like dried roots or dried fruits. And of course it is something dried… small fishes. At least I know where this awful smell came from. I ran away with disgust.

Coming back to coconut – I think that it should be the theme of my US trip. Pure Decadent – coconut ice cream, young coconut milk, coconut cheesecake, cookies with coconut filling or coconut water with peach and mango or with tangerine. Delicious!

You can find strands also in other parts of Manhattan, not only in Chinatown. For example there is a big organic food market at Union Square where you can get fresh, organic bread, many kinds of vegetables and fruits, flowers, homemade preserves, fresh juices, homemade pesto or organic wine.

This diversity is really impressive.

By the way, I would like to thank Kasia, who was with me in New York and who took many of the photos I posted here (especially the ones I’m in, but not only :). Thank you so much :*.