Whole Foods – pt. 5

I hope you’re not tired with my a bit too long US trip reporting. Well, I didn’t think that there’ll be so much to write about, but on the other hand I just have to tell you about few really interesting things, like for example Whole Foods Market – healthy and organic food store.

When I first visited this place, I didn’t know where should I go first. Never in my life have I seen such a wide range of natural products, vegan and vegetarian food. I guess you can find there everything – ice cream, yogurts, vegan cheese, pastry, fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, dips, sauces, sweets… You can even have a lunch there. If I moved to US, Whole Foods would probably become my favorite shopping place :).

This time I present only few pictures. And here you can find more information about Whole Foods.

natural soy yogurt (live & active probiotic cultures, not cultured on cow milk), in the background my favorite breakfast – granola + yogurt

vanilla almond milk – delicious!

more soy yogurts – this time vanilla and raspberry

vegan cream cheese

more ice cream – this time green tea, very energizing

and less energizing, but more tasty, coconut ice cream with almond and chocolate chips, without soy, only coconut milk

hummus with roasted garlic and loads of parsley – tasted odd…

garlic hummus – definitely better than the previous one

lunch from Whole Foods – grilled tofu, marinated tempeh, green asparagus, kale salad

Whole Foods, Union Square, Manhattan