Broad beans and broad bean salad

Who likes broad beans?

Definitely me! Besides, this year we’ve finally managed to grow our own broad beans in the garden. Last years’ first attempt turned out to be a complete disaster, but I blame bad crops, whole year was like that. And this time… Well, see for yourself, a really nice broad beans :).

And is it really worth raving over? Of course! The taste is so unique and very characteristic. I know that not everybody will like it, but still you should really try it. You can start with steamed broad beans or you can just cook it in a slightly salty water. Or maybe a salad or a broad bean pate – but only if you’re a very patient person since shelling broad beans can drive everybody mad. Or maybe burgers? Or fried broad beans?

So the only problem is shelling, but I guess it’s not such a big problem for someone who’s passionate about cooking :).

This time I chose simplicity. I really wanted to eat some fresh tomatoes with onions (also from our garden), but I also had loads of broad beans waiting in the fridge, and I couldn’t just let them go off. This is how I figured out a very simple broad bean salad, which turned out really delicious!


  • 0,5 kg broad beans
  • 2-3 big, ripe tomatoes
  • 1 small onion
  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • salt, pepper

Steam broad beans and when they cool down shell them. Put the tomatoes into a bowl, pour some hot water and wait for one minute, then peel them and cut into small cubes. Add chopped onion, broad beans, good quality vegetable oil (I would rather recommend grape seed oil or olive oil), salt and pepper to taste. You can also add some balsamic vinegar.

And because I still have some broad beans left, and the season for broad beans is almost over, I decided to freeze some. I wonder if they’ll be good…