Portugal cont.

I was so delighted by Portuguese coffee – and here it is.

I should write a few words about Portuguese cafes, patisseries and something called pastelaries, which you can find everywhere in Portugal. I guess the most popular coffee is Delta, a delicious and very strong one. I got the impression that people in Portugal drink a lot of good coffee, and they drink almost no tea, which is a bit odd for such a tea lover as me. But I also love coffee :).

Pastelaria is a place, where you can get coffee and many kinds of traditional Portuguese pastry. They serve many kind of sweets, unfortunately it’s mostly not vegan.

And here’s Delta:

To tell the truth, coffee helped me to survive this trip :).

I would also like to write about one more place which I found during my trip to Portugal. A vegan “all you can eat” restaurant O Sopinhas. It’s another place situated in the center of Lisbon, the exact address is Rua Da Madalena 50, so it’s quite easy to get there. For around 10 euros you can it whatever you want and how much you want and although there are not too many dishes, you won’t be hungry.

And here are some dishes which I tried. Unfortunately the pictures are rather poor quality, but you have to forgive me, it was dark and the light was poor. I really did my best :).

It is worth mentioning that in Portugal most restaurants are open in lunch time (usually 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.) and in the dinner time (7 – 11 p.m.), it depends on the place.

If you’re planning to visit some foreign country, I suggest you check this page, where you can find some useful information about vege-friendly places.

I should better go packing my stuff, Iceland is waiting :).