Ah, portugal! beautiful country, full of sun, breathtaking views, smiling people… It’s so different from Poland, and at the same time so appealing. Olive groves, fruit stands, small climatic cafes everywhere. And this delicious coffee.

This time I would like to show you few pictures from the capital of fado and Sangria.

Similarly to my visit in US, I went to Portugal to take part in a scientific conference. But besides this, I had time to do some sightseeing. I went to Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Obidos, Tomar, Fatima and few other nice cities with interesting architecture, wonderful relics, characteristic stone pavements and white and blue tiles. But I should rather focus on food :).

The thing that caught my attention is the variety of fruits and the amount of fruits people in Portugal eat. You can find fruit and vegetable stands almost everywhere and fruit salads are inevitable part of each breakfast or desert.

Portuguese figs…

Portuguese peaches…

and papayas, from Brasil

In many bars you can get fruit cocktails, for example melon cocktail or papaya, or peach, or even avocado! The prices are not so high as in some European countries, usually you have to pay 10-12 euros for a dinner in a restaurant.

Portugal is rather a hot country, so people tend to have light lunch and more filling dinner. Olives can be a typical starter, together with some cheese or bread. Unfortunately, to get some vegan in a regular restaurant is almost impossible. There one dish which you can always get – “salata mista” or just mixed salad, which is iceberg lettuce with grated carrots, tomatoes, onions, and sometimes other ingredients like pineapple. I can’t say much about breakfast because I had a usual continental breakfast in hotel. So I had wholegrain buns with jam, fruit salad, some cereals, and soy yogurts which I bought in nearby grocery (Alpro yogurts are quite popular in Portugal, you can get them in many places and the price is not so high).

wholegrain buns with strawberry and peach jam

fruit salad with cereals

olives <3

beans and vegetables stew

pasta with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and a lot of garlic

fruit salad

and one more

Finally, one more interesting thing I found in Portugal – broad beans. And what can be interesting about broad beans? Well, I usually only cook or steam broad beans and then it them, but the one I found were kept in salty water I guess. Thus the color changed and the taste was also different. Still, a very good snack :).

broad beans – in the bottom left corner

me eating broad beans, yummy!

But where’s coffee???