It’s been a very lucky year. So many new places, so much good food. This time I went to Berlin. OK, I came back few days ago but, as usual, it’s hard to write about everything immediately. I’ve taken many photos and seen few great places really worth going to.

Without hesitation I can say that Berlin is a vegan paradise. Recently, I’ve been telling it to everyone. You can find there few 100% vegan places and also many other in which you won’t have to explain what exactly the term “vegan” means. It’s quite funny, I live in Poznań, which is closer to Berlin than to Warsaw, and still the difference between the two cities is amazingly huge. This time, my gastro-tourism consisted mainly of vegan fast foods, but how can one resist all those deliciously looking vegan burgers and pizzas? And now I’ll have to go on a diet and run a lot :).

Lets start with vego. I’ve heard that this place has been opened only recently and it’s 100% vegan. In the menu you’ll find mostly burgers and pizzas, wraps and also something really characteristic for Berlin – curry wurst. I’ve counted around fifteen different kinds of burgers, each in two versions – with or without vegan cheese, which together makes it around thirty. Quite a lot :). For example you can get a “chicken style” or “bacon style” burgers, but also burgers with pineapple, seitan or tofu. Optionally also fries and salad. Few euros and you can forget about being hungry :).

sChicken schnitzel cheese burger

spinach pizza with vegan cheese

“bacon” cheese burger

Impressive, isn’t it? It’s so hard to believe that all this stuff is vegan.

Not so far away from vego you can find a vegan supermarket veganz.

Only after I went out from the shop I realized what a funny feeling it is when you don’t have to think if something is vegan, you don’t have to read all the ingredients written in tiny letters. Anything you can find there is for you :). You can just walk and pick anything you need, and there’s a lot of products to choose. Apart from products you’ll get in any regular healthy food store (at least in Poland), veganz offers vegan ice cream (e.g. SoDelicious, which I mentioned when I was writing about my trip to U.S.), soy yogurts, vegan cheese, sweets (for example chocolate bars which taste like Snickers), different kinds of nondairy “milk”, coffee, tea, cosmetics, vitamins, etc. In short, everything you can think of :). There’s also a bakery/cafe serving few different types of amazingly looking cakes, ice cream, coffee, snacks, bagels, sandwiches. I wish I could go there for some veeery long shopping, but that would also mean spending a lot of money, cause this supermarket is definitely not the cheapest one.

Maddy tries to make up her mind

white chocolate chips – lets bake something!

a delicious coffee with ice cream and whipped cream

And here’s another place – yellow sunshine. My friends told me a lot of things about this vegetarian fast food so I was expecting something special. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed, since I visited vego in the first place and I simply like it more. The menu is quite similar in both places, but the prices are a bit lower in vego and also I like the atmosphere and decor more. Moreover, vego is 100% vegan, and yellow sunshine is not. But it’s just the matter of taste so I recommend visiting both places :).

And here are few things we had the chance to try.

sChicken cheeseburger with fries

curry wurst – that is a soy sausage covered with ketchup and curry

lappland cheese burger

this banner shows best the whole idea of yellow sunshine :)

And if you happen to be in Berlin, you should definitely try Club-Mate. I know you can get it also in different places, outside Germany, but it’s so popular in Berlin and also really cheap. I’m waiting till it’ll become also very popular in Poland.


and also club-mate iceT

We were really lucky during this trip. We even had the chance to try vegan brunch on one of the many houseprojects. Very tasty food, especially cakes :). It was impossible to resist, even though my stomach was full…


and those delicious cakes…

and me :)

It’s good that Berlin is not so far away. It would be also nice to go there from time to time to do some shopping and visit the rest of vegan places which I haven’t seen yet. Of course I’ll write about everything :). And if you like my post check also Maddy’s blog.

  • Will Perkins

    Club Mate.. sort of disgusting, sort of great.

    • vegelicious

      My favorite!

  • Will Perkins

    Club Mate.. sort of disgusting, sort of great.

    • vegelicious

      My favorite!