It’s been a very busy summer. Travelling all the time, seeing so many great places. I even used the opportunity to visit Sweden in the last days of summer. I went to Gothenburg. Maybe it’s not the perfect place to go to in this part of the year, fall weather instead of full sun and cloudless sky in Poland :). But soon I’m going back to work, the school year starts in a couple of days and I won’t be able to travel that much.

I’ve been never really interested in Sweden. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this country, that it’s clean and beautiful, that people are politically correct and the standard of living is pretty good, comparing to other countries in Europe. And after spending three days in Gothenburg I got impression that all of it is true. Also, Swedish people definitely shouldn’t complain about lack of vegan products. Ice creams, yoghurts, fake meat, pizza with vegan cheese, these are only examples of what you can easily get in a city like Gothenburg. They also have local products, vegan and delicious too, e.g. delicatoboll – sweet balls made of oats, cacao powder, covered with desiccated coconut (see the picture above).

Unfortunatelly, the prices are quite high comparing to Poland. However, some products cost exactly the same, for example Alpro soy milk. On the other hand bad weather, heavy rain, strong wind… I guess there’s no perfect place in the world and even if there was such a place, it would probably be very boring :).

Here are few examples of vegan products you can find in almost every supermarket.

vanilla ice cream Tofulina with chocolate sauce

vegan margarine

a delicious breakfast – muesli with blueberry soy joghurt

As I already mentioned above products can be easily found in a random supermarket. Apart from that, there are few restaurants and other places serving vegan food. I had the chance to go to Old Corner, here you can check their vegan menu. It’s written in Swedish, but I guess you can easily figure out what is what :).

Old Corner is not a typical restaurant, and not only because of the menu. I’ve heard that it used to be a regular pub, but one guy suggested that the owners should also introduce some vegan dishes to the menu and that it would attract many new customers. That’s why right now they have separate vegan menu. And if you happen to visit this place, don’t be surprised by seeing guys from Hells Angels with tattoos on their faces or local mafia members. It’s just local folklore :).

vegan menu

And here are few dishes served in Old Corner. Looks good, doesn’t it?

vegan chorizo pizza

vegan kebab

vegan Jongsborgs chicken pizza

and as it should be in every fast food – fries

In the city center you can also find one place where they serve other vegan fast food. I’ve heard that the food there is provided by the same person as in Old Corner. However, I didn’t try this one, I can’t dine that often in fast foods ;). I can visit such a place from time to time just because of pure curiosity, but that’s all. Pizza, burgers or fries are not exactly the things I go crazy about.