Last summer I traveled a lot, but it’s not that surprising since summer is the best part of the year to travel. Winter is a bit different. You can go skying or snowboarding, you can visit skating rink, but basically you have to force yourself to go anywhere, especially when the temperature outside is below -10 Celsius degree. Well, for me it looks that way. I would rather stay under my blanket with a cup of hot tea reading a good book (which can replace travelling and sightseeing). You could say that I’m a lazy person, but it’s not exactly this way.

Because if I have to, I can be really determined and fly to the other side of Europe even in the middle of freezing winter. Moreover, low temperature won’t discourage me from going running. But it’s not what I wanted to talk about today. I’ve finally found a bit of free time to write about my trip to Paris and to show you few pictures taken there. I went there in January and I had the chance to spend there more than one week.

French people are known to pay a lot of attention to food. Unfortunately, French cuisine is far from being vegan or even vegetarian. On the other hand if it comes to Paris, a large, crowded city where different cultures exists next to each other, everybody will find something for him or herself. And there’s nothing strange about it. The list of vegetarian restaurants, bars, cafes or healthy food stores in Paris is not that short.

If you want to eat something vegetarian, I wouldn’t recommend going to a regular restaurant. I tried few times and each time the only vegan thing I could order were either starters or sorbets.

But I’m used to different “difficult conditions” and I know how to take care about myself. A fresh baguette in he morning together with soy yogurts (which you can get in a regular supermarket) and chestnut spread – a splendid combination! Add some mango or avocado and you really shouldn’t complain.

I also took advice from my friend who lives in Paris and I went to a nice Asian vegetarian restaurant Tien Hiang. Quite a good choice, for less than 20 euros I had a tasty dinner consisting of a delicious sweet and sour coconut soup with vegan shrimps, a main course which in my case were noodles with vegetables, seitan, tofu and peanut sauce. For the desert I ate coconut and raspberry sorbet. I’m not a big fan of fake meat, that is vegan imitation of meat products. I only eat fake meat because of pure curiosity. I know that some vegans find this stuff disgusting, others can’t imagine being on a vegan diet without having fake meat, but I guess it’s everybody’s own decision whether they want to eat it or not. I’m not going to check other people’s plates cause the only thing that matters for me is that this stuff IS vegan.

Here are few pictures from this dinner:

sweet and sour coconut soup with vegan shrimps

steamed dumplings

noodles with vegetables, tofu, seitan and peanut sauce

donuts or rather fried apples in pancake dough

coconut and raspberry sorbets

As I mentioned such a dinner costs no more than 20 euros, but if you’re planning to go to Paris and eat out, moreover if you’re not happy with random fast food, then you have to take into account that prices in restaurants are rather high (for example much higher than in Poland).

What else is there to see in Paris? Definitely chestnuts, especially roasted ones, which you can buy on the street. In a cold day they nicely burn your fingers and at the same time they taste great, a bit like sweet potatoes. They say that chestnuts taste the best at the Place Pigalle, unfortunately I haven’t found them there.

French people also know a lot about chocolate…

and wine. But I can’t say much about the latter since I don’t drink.

Next time I’ll post some pictures, but this time without food :).