Hazelnut and chocolate biscotti

I can really appreciate those small habits like drinking morning coffee together with a sweet cookie. Of course I don’t always have time to do that, but if I happen to spend morning at home I always try to find few minutes for good book, good coffee (black drip preferred) and a piece of tart or other sweet thing.

Well, I guess I’m a big fan of all kinds of sweets, it is enough to look at the tag list – baking sweets is something I do really often. At least I don’t buy sweets, I rather do something by myself and then I’m sure that there are no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or color additives in what I eat.

I’ve been thinking about baking biscotti for a while cause I really haven’t tried them before. My impression about biscotti is that those kinds of cookies should be rather dry and hard to bite, therefore you should always eat them together with a cup of coffee or tea, dip, bite and delight. Mine weren’t really that hard, but I fell in love with them from the first baking. Maybe this is it, if you don’t expect anything you can only be surprised in a positive way… But if you expect a lot then disillusionment is ineviatble. Fortunatelly, my biscotti are far from that.

As I mentioned, I haven’t made biscotti before so I followed this recipe. I only replaced one cup of plain flour with wholewheat flour and used chopped dark chocolate instead of chocolate chips.

And one more thing, store biscotti in a hermetic container. Or put them into a nice can and then treat your guests if you want to impress them :).

  • Vegan Housewives

    We’re so glad you enjoyed it!! :)

    • http://vegelicious.net/ vegelicious

      I’m happy too :). Your biscotti are delicious!!!