With love

This is a post without any recipe, but with some thoughts of my own.

We live in a weird world where people are always in a hurry. It’s hard to find time for a meeting with family or friends. So many times I’ve heard different excuses like I can’t see you cause this or that, cause it’s too far or too late, I have a headache, I have to visit my dentist, or I have green socks and it’s hot outside. Whatever… Sometimes I’m sorry to hear such things, usually I try to understand others cause I also can’t be always for everybody. You know, it’s just life.

But then it’s not a problem for me to take the train and go 200km just to have a dinner with my friends. For me it’s no sacrifice. Cause what really counts is that other person and the way I feel when I’m with certain people. I feel so good that I wouldn’t change that for anything.

I wish you to always remember about your friends and not neglect them. It’s really easy to make somebody feel happy.

And this is how our dinner looked like.


green peas guacamole and flat bread

flat bread

more hummus

and sun-dried tomatoes

roasted potatoes

girls also made some pasta and delicious sauces (especially the one with broccoli, coconut milk and spinach)

but I forgot to take the pictures :(

and for dessert my first (not entirely successful) approach to vegan karpatka

(karpatka is some kind of traditional Polish cake)

it was delicious!