Halloween Vegan Lunch

Together with a bunch of crazy girls we organize vegan lunches in Poznań, Poland. The idea is quite simple, we cook, people pay and then they can eat as much as they want. The food is always vegan and the price is fixed. We raise money for charity, usually we try to support organizations fighting for animal rights. Another goal is to inform people about veganism, to show that vegan food is delicious and doesn’t have to be boring at all. That’s why we usually try to pick a subject for example Indian cuisine or Halloween.

Here are few pictures from our last vegan lunch :).

witch fingers


Maddy & coleslaw

ghostlings with coconut and peanut butter

radish eyballs in millet groats

vegan coleslaw

pumpkin curry

“mummy” that is puff pastry with lentil filling

Agata & pumpkin curry

beetroots and Sauerkraut salad

pasta with olives and pumpkin seeds

kale salad


a loooooot of apple pie

and beautiful pumpkin muffins

seitan and soy burgers


cobb salad

pumpkin muffins

radish eyeballs on beetroot salad

pumpkin cupcakes with gingerbread gravestones


Ania making snacks with parsley pesto

jack o’lantern

Maddy making pumpkin cupcakes with cocoa frosting


snacks with parsley pesto and sun dried tomatoes

seitan and soy burgers


happy people

Ania & witch fingers

witch fingers

Monia & jack o’lantern

  • Agata

    ale czad !!!!!!!!!!! ciasto z palcami wyglada kapitalnie !!!