Berlin <3

pizza with tempeh and sweet corn

A weekend in Berlin is always a good weekend, especially when you’re vegan. I always wonder how is that possible that only 3 hours by car from the city where I currently live, there is this vegan paradise. And here, well… here is not that bad, but still we have a long way to go.

However, I’m glad that I spent only one weekend there. Otherwise I would come back few kilos heavier, cause most of the places I’ve seen specializes in fast food or sweets (the kind of sweets for people who doesn’t count calories). It’s OK to eat such things from time to time, but the thing is to know when to stop :).

Where I’ve been this time? First Yoyo which is probably one of the most popular places which serves a great variety of vegan burgers.

It’s hard to choose a burger cause all of them seem really tasty. I tried Sumatra, which was supposed to contain some peanut sauce, but I didn’t feel it. Add a large pile of French fries and a salad and you won’t be able to eat anything for the rest of the day. Here in the picture you can see a sChicken style burger. The funny thing is that you can either order just a burger, or a burger + French fries, or a burger + French fires + salad, and there’s no option to get a burger with just a salad, at least not in the menu. Too bad!

Not far away from Yoyo, at the same street, you can find  Der Eisbärliner, a place where you can buy vegan ice cream with soy milk and some sorbets. I tried vanilla and banana flavor, quite good I must admit. I’ve heard that they also serve delicious apfelstrudel, but I learned that only after I visited the place, so I couldn’t try it (guess I’ll have to visit this place again).

Monia seems to be very satisfied with her ice creams

I also visited the best vegan pizzeria in Berlin which is Sfizy Veg and this is the place I honestly recommend. First of all you can choose between more than hundred types of pizza. Moreover, they serve delicious pizzas, flat and a bit crunchy, but not too dry and not too hard, plenty of cheese on top, of course vegan cheese, few types of fake meat, e.g. salami, ham, shrimps, sausages, etc., then vegetables, olives, herbs… Wealth and splendor! I tried capricciose that is a pizza with ham, sausage, artichoke, olives, mushrooms and cheese… a lot of cheese. My friends tried pizza with tempeh and sweet corn, calcium pizza with a lot of cheese, tofu and spinach, there was also simple salami pizza and a burger pizza, which is what you can find in a burger placed in the middle of a pizza. Well…



salami pizza

calcium pizza

burger pizza

Unfortunately, after every meal I need to have something sweet and in the neighborhood of Sfizy Veg there’s another famous place, namely Café Vux. It’s a vegan cafe which serves some of the most delicious cakes and pies in Berlin. Or maybe even in this part of Europe (at least this is what I’ve heard). I can only say that their cakes look amazing and are delicious. I tried a matcha and lavender cake, which turned out really delicate, not too sweet, with a hint of lavender flavor. Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

matcha and lavender cake



I also had to visit Veganz, that is a vegan supermarket. I wrote about this place some time ago and I really love it. You can get so many different things there, vegan cheese, cream cheese, yogurts, fake meat, ice creams… I wish there was such a place in Poland, but I know that I’ll have to wait long before it happens. Of course there are more and more places where you can buy vegan food or cafes serving coffee with soy milk and vegan sweets. I see this positive trend and I’m really happy about that, so I’m not going to complain. But still it’s so good that Berlin is so close to Poland :).

banaffe in Veganz, that is a banana + espresso + soy milk + toffee syrup + crushed ice